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The incredible true & death-defying stories of the Original Crocodile Man David Ireland.

Episode 18

Published on:

15th Sep 2020

The Wildlife Man Podcast - Episode 18 - Hand-Feeding Giant Moray Eels

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Episode 17

Published on:

30th Aug 2020

The Wildlife Man Podcast - Episode 17 - Bowhunting Carp

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Episode 16

Published on:

20th Aug 2020

The Wildlife Man Podcast - Episode 16 - Searching for Dragons

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Episode 15

Published on:

9th Aug 2020

The Wildlife Man Podcast - Episode 15 - Treasure in Paradise

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Episode 14

Published on:

2nd Aug 2020

The Wildlife Man Podcast - Episode 14 - Our Family Dog Saved my Life

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About the Podcast

The Wildlife Man Podcast
The incredible true & death-defying stories of the Original Crocodile Man David Ireland.
Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Thewildlifeman

David Ireland is Australia`s " original" Crocodileman David produced and presented the true-life adventure film that featured some of the most terrifying crocodile encounters ever filmed. During the making of his film, David came very close to losing his life to huge saltwater crocodiles. The film was a huge rating success on Discovery Channel world-wide and screened in some Cinemas for over a year.

Own the Wildlife Man TV Series (All 21 Episodes): https://vimeo.com/ondemand/wildlifeman

Because of the success of the film Crocodileman, David was snapped up by
Discovery Channel and most major TV networks worldwide for his Wildlife
Man TV series that has been seen by countless millions over the last 25

David Ireland is arguably one of the most experienced wildlife filmmakers in the world, his ability to work with a huge diversity of animal
life is truly inspiring. David has had some of the most dangerous animal
encounters during his life, his back has been broken by a whale, his
ribs smashed by a wild boar, he has been attacked by sharks and
crocodiles and chased by wild African elephants.

David Ireland`s life story is a most entertaining and inspiring
experience, his story has been published by one of the world`s largest
publishers, Random Penguin House, the book is titled " The Extraordinary
Life of the Wildlife Man"

In the Crocodileman podcast, you will have the chance to hear David tell
his story, from when he struggled as a sickly child that after an
operation was unable to speak, how he was bashed by bullies and was
canned by an insane teacher till his hands were split open.

David tells how his life changed when a circus strong man took him under
his wing, his physical training gave David the strength both in body and
mind to ultimately survive many extremely dangerous situations as a
wildlife filmmaker.

David tells about the tragedy of a friend that died in his arms on a
hunting expedition, his wild days as a biker and street fighting and
many breathtaking animal encounters he has had over so many years.

Tune in and hear Australian`s original Crocodileman life story, you will
be inspired and entertained.

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